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Bicycle fitting services for road, triathlon, time trial, Mtb bike


Bike fitting is a search for balance between the bike and the human body. The cyclist is a biomechanic machine, so mechanical physique concept apply to the body.

We want to create balance so we can reduce the energetic consumption from the muscular tonus. Less fatigue is less watts spent to maintain tonus and balance.  So more watts for the ultimate climb, sprint or simply to make it home!




Having worked with teams and bicycle tours programs in Europe and North America, Vocelle cycling services organise bicycle events for all kinds of cyclist including the technical support, management, marketing.

For a club, fundraiser, corporation, team building or a bike Foursome, be sure of a successful event with a professional team.

Serving and studying cycling since 1984


‘’ Steve is a loyal and valuable man to have on any international trip.  It doesn’t matter whether he is researching, developping or guiding trips, Steve is comfortable on the road.  Steve has a long history  in the cycling industry. His vast experience and knowledge  in the bike machine, bike racing or bike travel is a great asset for our company. ‘’

Steve Bauer

Clients and past programs


Équipe Canadienne de Cyclisme

Team Ford-Devinci

Cycles Devinci  demo tour Amérique du Nord

Équipe de course Record

Coupe du Québec de Charlevoix

CTS Carmichael training system

Steve Bauer bike tours

Ride with Lance Amstrong, Mt-Tremblant

Argon 18

Cycles Gervais Rioux



Fondation Emergo

Fondation enfants diabétique

Club Veloce



Fédération transporteurs par autobus

Institut développement urbain du Québec





Vocelle cycling services is a bike fitting specialist who offers fitting classes. These classes are offer to bike specialist or health specialist. Kinesiologist, sport therapist, ostheopath, physiotherapist, in order for them to learn basics that will help them treat their cyclist client. 






A conference for your club or group can be done with your context in mind . For your bike culture or to increase your knowledge in a sport growing field. 



In partnership with


these classes are offer at certain dates in order to facilitate single person participant to join in.  Be part of it! 




Since 1984 Road and MTB Racer

Since 1989 Bike mechanic

1991 Bsc  Sciences Physical activities, Université Laval

1989-1992 Limoilou College, Phys.Ed teacher

1992-1997 Record racing team, president and racer

1995-1998 Corporation Sentier des caps de Charlevoix, Director

1995-1997 Coupe  Quebec MTB de Charlevoix, Race Director

1997-2002  Canadian National team  mechanic MTB

1997-2002 Team Ford-Devinci, MTB World cup, team Director

2003-2006 Steve Bauer Bike Tours, Logistic director and tour guide

2003  Certified Wobblenaught fit biomécanique

2005  CTS Carmichael training system, technical support 

2007-to date  Cycles Gervais Rioux specialist

2009-2011 Ride with Lance Amstrong, technical support

2011-to date  Retul  3D fit system  

2013-2015 Club Veloce, fonder

2012-to date ACDA, events director

2013-to date  Bike fitting teacher partnership Technocycle

2012-to date  Corporate cycling Events director 






"...the fit has enabled me to enjoy riding longer and more aggressive than ever before. My back pain is gone and thus it is with great thrill i get on my bicycle nowadays."

Hans Bergman / Assos North America / Dir. Sales & Marketing 

" tiens à vous remercier pour votre présence et les excellents services cyclistes reçus. La collaboration renouvellée est toujours synonyme de qualité et de professionnalisme."

Marie-Laurence Boivin / KPMG / Évènements et Marketing

" I want to thank you for the adjustments that you made to my bike. I have not been able to enjoy riding as much as i did this weekend. I reached Kingston after 6 1/2 hours of riding and my back felt great and I was still strong as I reached our destination."

 Michael Deitcher / Alliance Steel Corporation / President

"Steve, it's a pleasure to have someone with your expertise and know how, to refer clients to! Another success story to add to the list! Thanks!."

Michelle Paiement / Toguri Training Systems WEST studio / Owner & Cycling coach

" ...Merci à toi et ton équipe qui nous secondez tellement bien, avec efficacité, professionnalisme et rigueur. Nos cyclistes sont très heureux de leur journée..."

Danielle Brien / Fondation pour enfants diabétiques / Dir. Gén.

Serving and studying cycling since 1984


Positionnement Retül et régulier

Chez Cycles Gervais Rioux

5365 Blvd St-Laurent

Montréal, QC, H2T 1S5





Mardi : 12h à 16h

Jeudi : 12h à 20h

Vendredi : 12h à 20h

Positionnement régulier et formations

Chez Technocycle

4710 rue St-Ambroise, suite 136

Montréal, QC, H4C 2C7






Mercredi 10h à 17h



Positionnement virtuel en ligne

En ce temps de crise, une séance de consultation en ligne ( internet, téléphonique, skype, FaceTime, etc )   est disponible afin  de discuter de vos soucis de positionnement ou recherche de connaissances. Contactez moi pour un Rv au coûts de 45$+ tx/ 30min

Si vous avez un home trainer, une aisance à manipuler les pièces ainsi que la possibilité d'être filmé à la maison, un fit complet peut être réalisé. 


Le vélo démystifié 

Virtual bike fit

During the actual crisis, it is possible to get consulting about your bike fit or other cycling needs.

Either on the phone, via FaceTime , skype, etc. 

Contact me for a consultation time 45$ +tx/30min


If you have a home trainer, ability to manipulate bike parts and a way to get film on your bike, a complete fit can be done!  

If you are 



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